05-24-2010 Monday

B- 7:45am
2 c coffee CO HC
1 egg with celery and cheese
2 LC toast

*2 mile walk at lunch

1 tub Dannon carb controlled Yogurt
1 slim jim beef and cheese stick
few pork rinds

beef stick and 2 string cheese

1/2 of a rotisserie chicken breast
2 ears corn w/butter

3 beef sticks
3 string cheese

WT= 255

HUNGRY tonight. Craving sweets. I'm sure its the PMS. So I ate a lil too much.
Not enough veggies for today either.

The plan is since it is HOT and humid around here to get up an hour and 1/2 early in the morning to walk. We will see how it goes.


Vadim said...

How is your infection, is it in check?

NewVision said...

Hey Vadim,
Yes they seem to be better. I am off my antibiotic now. The three infections that I had, are receding. Thank you for asking. I hope I'm on my way to a healthier me. :)

I will check in with you over at your blog to see how the medifast is going. :)