05-25-2010 Tuesday

6am-7am -*3 mile walk
B- 8am
2 c coffee CO HC
1 egg with celery and cheese
2 LC toast

1 McDonald's Bacon Ranch grilled chicken salad w/Newman's own Ranch dressing

2 beef sticks
1 oz cheese

Hunts No sugar added spaghetti sauce w/hamburger onions and green peppers.
on a bed of cabbage w/Parmesan cheese

1 Saje's LC Peanut butter cup

It is hot and humid here in the midwest so I got up early to take a 3 mile walk. I kind of like getting it out of the way first thing in the morning. I'm gonna try to do that again in the morning. It sure cuts into my sleep though.
As you can see from yesterdays weigh in I haven't lost weight. I'm trying not to think about it. I feel like I'm doing all this walking and cutting back and nothing. I might as well be sitting on the couch eating chips. I mean, I wouldn't lose doing that either, so why am I putting this much effort into something that is not working? Because it has worked in the past. I just keep hoping that my body will start letting go soon. I have to keep in mind that I am a VERY insulin resistant diabetic and it WILL be harder for me.

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Right On The Glitteros said...

I just started on blogger, (have a look at my blog, its fun)

anyway i was clicking through the blogs, and i came across yours
first of all, it is difficult to make the decision to change your life; so i was instantly intrigued by your blog
Anyway, i just wnated to say that first thing in the morning walks are the best, they clear my head, everything is usually still peaceful, and by the time i have gotten home to get ready for my day; my face is already clear and glowy looking from the brisk walk

Congrats to you! And don't stop because you're a diabetic, it will be more difficult but that only means it will be more satisfying
and i'll tell you why it's not easier to sit on the couch with chips (although you shouldnt always deny yourself) its because it's more than losing weight, it's about feeling GOOD about yourself and your lifestlye, and keeping your bones and joints young!!
Have a great day and i wish you future sucessss