05-22-2010 Sunday

B- 8:30am
2 c coffee CO HC
1 egg with celery and cheese
2 LC toast

1 tub Dannon carb controlled Yogurt
4 ritz w/butter
green beans w/bacon butter and onion
2 hot dogs w/LC catchup

1 Saje's LC Peanut butter cup

Hunts No sugar added spaghetti sauce w/hamburger onions and green peppers.
on a bed of cabbage w/Parmesan cheese

cukes and tomatoes in vinegar

Today was a lazy, PMS day. A cramping, bloating, irritable, exhausted, and feeling crappy most of the time, blah day. My mind has NOT been in a good place all day.
I know, I know too much information. I usually don't like to share info. So I made myself write the above because it's how I was truly feeling today. You see I'm not really much of a sharing person. Never have been. I share with my husband, my sister and my son, but not many people know the REAL me. I started this blog thinking that if I was truly anonymous I would share more. Nope, I'm still always thinking someone I know will stumble on to the blog. I know weird huh? I don't really know why I'm so guarded. Well, thats not entirely true. I live in constant fear of being judged. It comes from being judged as a kid and not being able to control the situation I was being judged for. I'm slowing working through it. So from now on I will try to write something personal everyday. Something I am uncomfortable with. :)

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