07-21-09 Tuesdays

B-(7:30am)3 coffee as hc [0 carbs /0 protein]
2 eggs [1 carbs /12 protein]
1 slice healthy life toast w/butter [6 carbs /2 protein]
Total for breakfast [7 carbs /14 protein]

L-(12pm)2 slices LC Healthy life bread [12 carbs /4 protein]
2 slices turkey ham [2 carbs /10 protein]
1 slices cheese [1 carbs /3 protein]
Mayo [0 carbs /0 protein]
2 pickle spears [2 carb / 0 protein]
Total for Lunch [17 carbs /17 protein]

SN-(6:20pm) 1 cold hotdog [4 carbs / 4 protein]

2 slices LC Healthy life bread [12 carbs /4 protein]
2 eggs [1 carbs /12 protein]
1 T peanut butter [2.5 carb / 3.5 protein]
2 T SF syrup [1 carb / 0 protein]
1 sausage patty [0 carbs /6 protein]
SF jello w/ heavy cream [0 carbs / 0 protein]
[total dinner 16.5 carbs / 25.5 protein]

[Total for the day 44.5 carbs /60.5 protein]

6:30 to 8:30 push mowing


anne h said...

Another great day of menus!

Harry said...

Looking good, Jo!

Eggsellent menu and 2 hours of mowing! Nice!

cilla said...

your food soounds yummy, dou find that eating the low carb bread has affected your weight any,i have thought about adding in low carb bread in the future..keep up the great work,stop by soon cill

Erika said...

Fantastic work, New Vision!!

Vadim said...

Hi Jo, sorry for disappearing. Thank you for the kind words!

NewVision said...

Thanks Anne!

Thanks Harry! Paying for the 2 hours today :)

I would say if you can live without the bread then do so. I wish I wasn't so dependent on it. I don't think it has held back my weight loss, I've done that enough on my own. Let me know what you decide. :)

Thanks Erika!

Glad to see you around. How did your Mom like her LC bread you got for her? Hang in there my friend.