02-22-2009 Sunday

B-2 coffee HC CO AS (only 1 w/CO)
2 LC Healthy life toast , butter
1 egg

L-5 rangoons

D-1/2 hot dog
5 strawberries
1 oz peanuts
SF Tang/2 T flax seed

SN-1 oz cheese
2 ritz
1 Russel stovers choc.


Walked 1 hour and 26 mins. (sanitary building and back) COLD 28 degrees, 16 wind chill
Week walking summery (including today) = 259 minutes

Week Summery: I didn't have any LC Healthy Life bread for two full weeks. I added it back into my menu yesterday. I don't think its giving me any trouble and life is easier with it. I have cut down my CO, only having it in 1 cup of coffee for two full weeks now. I walked 5 times this week with a total of 259 minutes. I added Flax seed meal to my WOEing on 1/29/09. I have used it EVERYDAY, I even climbed out of bed one night at 12 a.m. because I realized I had forgot it that day.


Vadim said...

Hey your weight is back to 241! I started my walking with pedometer routine back. Glad to see you walking, keep it up. I have considered buying a trampoline, my gfriend swears by it. But for now walking and weightlifitng is enouph!

Harry said...

28 degrees? And you still walked?!

Good going! Tomorrow's my exercise start day. Your determination will help to inspire me! Thank you! :)

Harry said...

PS - The rangoons looked great!