12-04-08 Thursday

B- 2 coffee AS HC CO
1 1/2 T. Flaxseed in SF Tang
2 oz walnuts

L-2 oz. summer sausage
2 oz. cheddar cheese

D-8 oz chuck steak w/ 2 T. 1 carb catsup
1 1/2 cups medley veggies w/ cheese whiz
3 oz walnuts
2 pickles

SN- none

Rough guess on Calorie= 1850
Rough guess on Carbs = 19.1

Picture of a flax bloosom


Jimmy Moore said...

Walnuts are so chock full of omega-3 fats...great work!!!

Harry said...

Solid day's menu, NewVision.

But hey! Where's the commentary?! Don't make me talk to the manager about getting a refund!

What's on your mind? Let us in ... if you've got the time. :)

Hope your Friday's just lovely. Much like that flax blossom.

Erika said...

Solid day, just like Harry said. It's the kinda menu I would aim towards. I bet you're feeling fantastic with all those good nutrients!

NewVision said...

Hey Jimmy,
I LOVE Walnuts. I have to bee careful not to overeat them. ;) I'm trying to add in those omega-3 with the flax seeds too.

Sorry about the commentary. I meant to come back and add a little. I was in a funk and just could think of anything to say yesterday.. LOL sorry

I'm trying to feel better..LOL ;)