12-03-08 Wednesday *

B- 2 coffee w/ HC AS CO
(383 - 5.2)

L-2 oz cheddar cheese
(203 -2.9)
2 oz summer sausage
(190 - 0 )

D-2 bowls homemade chili (793.2 -31.18)

SN- 1 cucumber w/vinegar (25 - 2.9)
2 oz walnuts(200 - 2)
1 hotdog w/2 saltines (136 - 5.12)

Calorie =1,930.2
Carbs = 49.3 (fiber deducted)

I'm not sure exactly how to say this without sounding like I'm making excuses.
I'm not a sweet eater. I LOVE rolls, breads, carby veggies, things like that. I like a piece of chocolate maybe once a month, if that. But, oh give a big ol' yeast roll with melted butter and I'm in Heaven. In late August the fresh corn on the cob with butter and salt, I could eat my weight. Thinking of it now makes my mouth water.
After reading Jimmy's blog from yesterday he said "I don't want to live without "sweet" for the rest of my life, but I'll agree to do it for periods of time to manage my weight." thats how I feel about my bread/carby veg issues. But in a way, I feel like people who have the issues I do, actually got it a little worse. Ok, before you go all crazy on me, I know everyone is dealing with their own issues. But when your issues are 'sweet', there are a lot of replacements out there. Some of the recipes and sugar free candies taste just as good as their 'sugar' originals . For Thanksgiving lots of folks made the Sugar Free Low Carb Pumpkin pie, LC cheesecakes, SF jello and the list goes on. You can walk into any grocery store or gas station anywhere and get a piece of SF candy.

I'm not aware of a replacement for a good ear of corn ( I know we can still have corn in moderation, I don't want one ear, I want 5 or 6, the same way a 'sweet' junkie can't stop at one or two pieces of Regular sugar candy once they get started) I also know their are a lot of recipes out there to try and replace rolls and breads. I haven't found one that replaces a yeast roll, and you can't go into the store or the gas station and just pick one up ANYWHERE.

I made a commitment to myself to post my menus ~good or bad. I hope others will learn from my mistake and know that sometimes even when your not 100%, don't give up. We all can't be 100%, 100% of the time, just keep on keeping on.

Sorry for whining, I'll end by quoting Jimmy again when he said "It's all about finding what you need to do to lose and maintain your weight and health." I'm trying to figure out this addiction of mine. In a way maybe its better that I can't replace it with artificial foods. I have to just learn to deal with it and I'm not going to lie, sometimes its REALLY hard.


Harry said...

Thank you, NewVision.

I appreciate your candid post. Thanks for putting it all out there like that.

I like pretty all things carb. You name it, I like it. But, I like fat too. Combine the two and I like it even more!

If I could recall, accurately, some of my binges of yesteryear ... you'd think I was exaggerating or flat-out lying.

Maybe there's a way for you to have just a little of what you "love". I'm still trying to figure out if I can really have carb-holidays and keep myself under control.

I'm not going there yet. Maybe one day, I'll give it a try, on my own terms. And, I'll hope for the best.

Stay strong, NewVision! I think you're doing great!

Erika said...


Don't apologise, that's a great post! Things that cross the lf and lc boundaries like sf foods are easier to come by, you're absolutely correct.

This might not help you, but you can get the grain texture from almond meal biscuits and things like that. And if I'm really desperate I find breads like http://empowerfoods.com.au/products/?product_id=16 work quite well. I remember already reading about homemade bread but maybe there is a more suitable recipe for you?

Or if you truly believe you're an addict, I'd say cold turkey rather than small portions might be your safest bet.

Cheese flavoured corn chips put me in heaven so I think it's about a year and a half (maybe more) since I've had them.... I still can't sit anywhere near their smell though ;)

Which boat do you think you'll travel better in?

NewVision said...

Thanks Harry for not judging me. I was a little scared to post that, figured I would get slammed. Sometimes I really miss my 'old' foods. (LOL sounds like I'm talking about a person doesn't it.)
I'm the same way with the fat/carbs. I thought about it, would I really want the corn without butter or a roll without butter? No, I enjoy it more with the fat.
These feeling are probably due to the carb holiday I just took, mix in missing my Mom (2nd Christmas season without her), my sons first year away from home, etc., etc. and you got the pot boiling over. I will try to remember that this too shall pass.

NewVision said...

Thanks for your post Erika.
Thanks for the link. I'll check that out later.

You guys are the best!

Vadim said...

Hey New vision, by the way I hate, no wrong word, I dislike calling people by their nick name that remind me of pets. But if you dont want me to know you real name I will call you Elizabeth I like that name. Elizabeth, lol, how cool it would be if it wa indeed your name. do not you worry about any of us scolding you! You are on your own journey, and we are all here to support each other! I do agree with that Australian girl, wat sher name again? Lol, Erika I am kidding, that quiting cold turkey is a key for some. After all I quit smoking cold turkey a while bake, two years ago to be exact. So Elizabeth we are on your team and we are your teamates, so we believe in you! Lets roll on without any rolls. We will deal with those corn cubs or whatever its called in french when we cross that farm!

Solshine said...

We are human, NewVision, and not one of us perfect. I think the key is actually somewhere between abstinence and moderation. Moderation, to me, gets to be too frequently if'n ya know what I mean. ;-)

My weakness is what most people call "soul food". I was raised in Mississippi and I get a hankerin for some fried okra and scalloped potatoes that just won't go away. I could eat my weight in fried okra!

There is a restaurant here that cooks everything my grandmother used to make and just as good. The place even smelled like her house before FL passed the smoking ban. I used to go there every time I got homesick (and way too often). Now I go maybe only two or three times a year and get my fix.

Now, if I could do that well with all my other vices..... *evil grin*

You are doing great!

NewVision said...

Hey Vadim,
Thanks for your kind words.
The name is Jo, by the way. But, I do like Elizabeth, at least it would be a female name..
Congratulations on the quiting smoking, I think that is great. My husband was able to slay that dragon about 10 years ago. I was SOOO glad. He is now LCing with me and says that fighting his weight issues is a lot harder. He is 6'3" and 220. He has lost 30 lbs and wants to loose about 20 to 25 more.
Its a lot easier to finally have him in the LC wagon with me. LOL

NewVision said...

Thanks for the memories!
Scalloped potatoes, Fried Chicken, momma's homemade chicken gravy n biscuits and a big ol' ear of sweet corn slathered in butter OOO WEEEE. Oh yeah, I'm right there with ya. Man, those were the days when you could eat your weight in southern fried chicken and not think about it going to your hips (even though we all know thats where it ended up. ;) )
ok, I'm dragging myself back to the present where I have to be aware of EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth... DARN IT!!!! (stomping my feet and sighing loudly)