07-10-2013 Wednesday

B- 1 c coffee w/HC CO
1 Walmart Sausage patty plain

L- 1 cucumber w/vinegar
1 Grilled Chicken fillet w/french onion dip
Little watermelon (not much, didn't want to knock myself out of ketosis
2 crackers w/peanut butter (each cracker is 2 carbs each)

D- 4 hot dogs w/catchup
rest of tub of watermelon
med tomatoe

SN- SF jell-o w/cream
4 Russell Stovers SF Toffee
2 SF popcycles
few walnuts

Tired today. Leg cramps and my mind running overtime. Couldn't sleep. Hopefully I can get my shopping done tonight. I like being prepared. I think it is the key to eating this way.

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