07-09-2013 Tuesday

B- 2 c coffee w/HC CO
1 Walmart Sausage Patty w/1 teaspoon PB and Walden Farms Pancake Syrup

L- 1 Grilled Chicken Fillet w/French Onion Dip
1 Cucumber in Vinegar

SN- 3 celery sticks with cream cheese

D- 2 Rev Rolls
1 hamburger patty w/ cheese, mustard, catchup, pickles, onion
1 med home grown tomato

SN-3 Russel Stovers SF Toffee Squares, walnuts, SF Jell-o w/ Cream

Today I was 247 on my home scales. Slow but I will take it. :)

I've been feeling funny since yesterday. I'm having heart palpitations. I was low on potassium back in May when I had my hysterectomy. Maybe its low again. They also put me on an antibiotic Friday. So maybe that is it. Who knows. Its a lil later in the day and I feel better now. :)

Where on Earth is the spell check on here? UGH!!!!
ah-ha, found it. :) far right top corner.

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