05-22-2010 Saturday

2 coffee HC CO
2 LC Bread
1 egg w/1 T peanut butter and Sugar free Smuckers syrup
1 sausage patty

1 tub Dannon carb controlled Yogurt
Slim Jim beef and cheese
few pork rinds.
6 Ritz crackers w/butter

Mock potato salad
Green bean made with bacon, onion and butter
KFC grilled chicken breast

SN-1 Saje's LC Peanut butter cup
6 ritz crackers with butter
Few pieces of summer sausage and cheese.

No walk today

Today we celebrated my Mom-in-laws birthday. We went prepared. I made Mock potato salad and green beans. Went to KFC and got 1/2 bucket of Regular chicken and 1/2 bucket of grilled. We had a nice time..

I tried today to keep the same schedule as I do when I'm working. I got real snacky feelings last night. I should have just went to bed. I knew my problem was that I was tired.

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