05-21-2010 Friday

B- 6:30am
2 c coffee CO HC
1 egg with celery and cheese
2 LC toast

1 tub Dannon carb controlled Yogurt
Slim Jim beef and cheese
few pork rinds.

1 oz cheese
few pork rinds

1 Saje's LC Peanut butter cup
6 Ritz crackers
1/4 cup milk

Round steak w/low carb catchup
Cauliflower w/butter, french onion dip and onions

1 cuke w/vinegar

No walk today. Raining and storming.

I almost had a melt down today. Work was awful, I felt tired, grumpy and tired. Did I say TIRED?? I got home feeling terrible without any plans as to what to eat for dinner. Which I know is a no-no for me. I got thru it without it being TOO bad. Not the best, but could have been worse.

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