07-18-09 Saturday

B- (11am)2 coffee AS HC
2 small bowl cornflakes w/banana

D- (5pm)
Au gratin potato
baked beans
1 chicken breast
lil pasta salad
1 slice home made multi grain bread w/butter
deviled egg half
1 slice anniversary cake

SN-1 bowl cornflakes w/banana

My Mother in Laws and Father in Laws 59th wedding anniversary party
The party went over great. EVERYONE showed up. They had all of their children there but one son and one grandson, who lives in New Mexico (their son got sick with the gout and couldn't make the trip. One grandson is in the Army stationed overseas) It was a total surprise.


jo said...

Wow, 59 years--that's amazing! Congrats to them. =)

anne h said...

Congrat on the lifetime of togetherness!

One question, if I may? CORNFLAKES? With a Banana?How were they? ok I hope.

NewVision said...

Thanks Jo, I'll relay the congats to my MIL & FIL

Too good Anne, part of my addiction I'm afraid. Thanks for the congrats.

Erika said...

That's amazing, 59 years! Hope I make it that long too :)

Eats not so great but it's only once in a while so if you savoured it all, who cares. Great reason.

~Oct said...

mmm cake. Happy Anniversary to the inlaws!

~Oct said...

Let me know if you'd like direction to the new blog. Send a note to octoberfae (at) gmail.

I hope to see you there!


NewVision said...

Hubby and I are 20 + years and counting. I hope we make it that far too.

YES, I want direction to the new blog. :)