07-16-09 Thursday

(5:10am BG=136 30U + metformin)

2 coffee as hc [0 carbs /0 protein]
2 eggs [1 carbs /12 protein]
1 slice healthy life toast w/butter [6 carbs /2 protein]
Total for breakfast [7 carbs /14 protein]

(12pm BG=157)
L-(12pm) Work Baby shower/pot luck
3 meatballs -wiped all sauce off
1/4 c chicken salad
2 deviled egg halves
4 half stalks celery w/ cheese ball
1/4 c baked beans
3 small broccoli spears
[Total lunch estimate 20 carbs / ? protein]

(5:15pm BG=169) (6pm metformin )
4 oz hamburger w/mayo
small salad w/ 1.5 oz cheese, 5 cuke slices, 5 cherry tomatoes, bacon, ranch
[Total dinner 12 carbs / 35 protein]

(8:10pm BG=146) (8:30pm 30 u)

SF jello w/heavy cream

WT=237 (finally releasing some of this water retention.)

I'm a little worried about my lunch today. We are having a carry in pot luck/baby shower. Since it's a baby shower too, I feel obligated to go. I was going to take a veggie tray but a friend of mine wanted my baked beans and said she would bring a veggie tray for me if I brought her my baked beans.

I've been reading Dr. Berstein's Diabetes Solution. Very interesting. So I've made some guidelines for myself to follow. The dr. recommends carbs being 6 breakfast / 12 lunch / 12 dinner. He also says for some it's better to ease into it (for BG reasons) So this is what I'm going to start with. The goal is to keep BG at a steady range, no high / low swings.

Breakfast 6 - 10 carbs / 14 - 20 protein
Lunch 12-20 carbs / ? protein
Dinner 12-20 carbs / ? protein

I haven't totally worked out the protein portion of this yet. According to Dr. Berstein it's what ever keeps you satisfied while keeping it consistent. So far the last few days my BG have been better than (my) normal. So I will have to tweak as I go.

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Erika said...

You need to live your life as well, so the lunch will just have to be how it is. If you think your friend that's making the veggies is likely to put something in it you don't want, maybe you could say you're a bit sensitive to ____ at the moment and could she please make sure she doesn't put it in. You can also fill up on food before you go so it isn't too much of a problem to only have a small serving.

Just do your best and you'll be fine :)