07-09-09 Thursday

B-(7am)2 coffee as hc
2 eggs
1 slice healthy life toast w/butter

L-(12pm) 1 cheese polish sausage
1 slice healthy life LC bread
1/2 of a lg dill pickle

D-(6pm) 3 oz hamburger meat w/lettuce tomoto, onion, cheese, french onion dip, salsa
2 bowls capt crunch cereal

SN-2 bowls capt crunch cereal

not good.


anne h said...

Aye be Gar - the Capt'n got ya tonight!

Harry said...


I think you have a similar issue as me and my wife. We tend to crave higher carb foods toward the end of the day.

I kind of get the sense that advice isn't the right thing here. Not that I'd have anything all that helpful to offer anyway. ;-) I just want you to know that I'm regularly checking in and I'm willing to help if there's a way for me to do so. If not, just know that I'm pulling for you. Lots of people are. Please don't forget that! This too shall pass.

Low Carber said...

I agree with HArry! I always check out your blog but my time is so limited.. It is kinda hard to pass up Cap N Crunch..my favorite sweet cereal..

Hoping things get better ! PS the brownies.. I made them for my kids.. and they really liked them :)

Erika said...

Except for the cereal, the food looks delish! Especially the hamburger with french onion dip!

Perhaps you waited too long between lunch and dinner which gave you a craving for energy?

Vadim said...

Heeeeeeeeeeeelo there, Jo! Long time no talk! What in the sweet heaven are you doing? Cereals and other crap? I know you probably miss me but not that much, do you? You have got to get back on straight and arrow, got to , no but or ifs or I feel guilty or none of that crap. Get back on the right road, you have been there, you know where it is and hopefully you will see me there too so we can walk together. I just bought a camcorder and will start my video blogs. Arent you excited already to see my big, fat, bold face with heavy , funny russian accent? You have got to be into it

Erika said...

Awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing those vids too! hehehehe

NewVision said...

Thanks everyone.
Harry, Your advice is most welcome.

LowCarber, good idea with the brownies. I need to make up a batch. SOON!

Erica, I just keep trying, then at the end of the day keep blowing it.

Vadim, Nice to hear from you again. I'm looking forward to those vlogs.

NewVision said...

Anne H,
That captn is EVIL I tell ya just plan Evil....but one of my all time favorite. :)

Erika said...

What do you think it is about the evenings that has that effect on you?