06-03-09 Wednesday

B- 2 coffee HC AS
2 hot dogs w/catchup

L- small salad
w/4 strawberries, walnuts, sunflower seeds, oil & vinegar w/a lil sweetener
1 diet coke

SN- EAS LC shake

D-3 eggs
3 Healthy Life toast w/butter
1/4 of a polish sausage
1 diet coke

SN-1 Russell Stovers SF toffee
4 saltines w/butter
1 cup milk
1 diet coke


I'm finally having that feeling of being in control. I was hungry today after lunch and went to the snack machine. I wanted some nuts. They had honey roasted peanuts. I was scared to even try them for fear that it would get my cravings roaring again.
My stress level has been running about a 9+ the last few days. My son lost some of his grant for his schooling. My siblings are not getting along right now. I'm trying my best just to stay out of that. I don't want to be drug into any squabble. It's hard when your all so close. I love them all and can see all sides of the issues. I've had the feeling of just wanting to go get a bag of chips and just zone out. But I haven't. I don't really know why I'm feeling so strong. It doesn't make any sense to me. Other than the fact that I'm the kind of person who falls apart AFTER the crisis is over and usually not during.

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