06-01-09 Monday

B-2 coffee HC AS
2 hotdogs w/ catchup

L-2 slices of summer sausage
2 slices of cheese
few pork rinds

SN-1 scoop protein powder, 8 oz water

D-1 pork steak w/catchup
cauliflower w/ onion, butter, french onion dip
2 hot dogs

SN-? I will update if I have one.


I got a call today from my son. He got a small pell grant last year to help out with some of his school expenses. His counselor called him in and he made too much money last year so he will NOT be getting it this year. Ok, I am SOOOOoo blown away. I can't believe this. So he is going to work everyday at 5am getting off at 12 to 12:30 then going to school at 2:15pm and has classes until 10:15pm EVERYDAY!!! So he is working his tale off and now he is being punished for it. How could this be. The kids who are just going to school and not working at all are getting the pell grants. It's not like he is making a lot of money, he is working for a lumber yard. He is paying his own rent, his own bills plus going to school. We (Hubby and I) are already making a good size payment to the school for the amount that was not covered by loans and grants. GRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! It sure feels like he is being punished for working so hard.

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