05-31-09 Sunday

B-2 coffee HC AS
2 eggs/ cheese/ celery, omelet
2 Healthy life toast w/butter

L-2 Healthy life bread w/1 egg, peanut butter, SF syrup
1 sausage patty
4 strawberries
1 tub SF chocolate pudding
1 diet coke

D-sauteed cabbage w/no sugar added spaghetti sauce, hamburger meat, onions, green peppers

SN-1 oz walnuts
1 hotdog
1 russell stover sf toffee


I don't know why it works this way but when I go off my eating plan then try to go back on, I have no clue what to eat. Nothing sounds good. I'm craving everything I shouldn't have. I just keep wanting something, but don't know what. I sit and wonder what I can have and what I can't. Now, I've been low carbing on and off for years. Why is it when you go off plan you have these feelings? It is SOOOOOoooo easy to slip back to my old self. The one that just grabs a bag of chips or a snack from the vending machine when I'm hungry and tired. The old self that weighed over 300 pounds. (That last part, I keep reminding myself about, I don't want to be that old self ever again.)

Little insight here:
I have a bad habit of rewarding myself for doing things I don't want to do.

**I have to get up and go to work after only sleeping 2 hours, it's okay I can have a McDonalds sausage muffin or a bagel w/cream cheese.
**I have to mow the grass after working 10 hours and only sleeping 2 hours last night, it's okay, I can have a bag of chips.
**I have to clean the kitchen or do laundry after working 10 hours and only sleeping 2 hours last night, and push mowing the grass for 3 hours (it got dark and I had to stop), it's okay, I can have a milk shake for working so hard.
etc, etc, etc........

I HAVE TO STOP THIS, or find new ways to motivate myself that isn't so self destructive. It also has to be an immediate reward. Not something that I will 'say' I will do for myself or 'say' that I will buy myself. I'm a now kind of girl. Any suggestions?????


Low Carber said...

hmm you need to find something that you really enjoy, that is healthy that you can reward yourself with. Then gradually make the requirements to get that reward harder and harder until you have conquered your problem.

But if you could find a reward that is non-food would be even better. Make a chart, and for example mowing the lawn you get...but the next time you have to mow the lawn twice to get the same reward. Maybe freeze up some of those LC brownies you make, or always keep some sugar free gelatin and strawberries and whipped cream available..for ypur reward..

Eventually, move to the reward being something like 30 minutes of TV, or 30 minutes of reading a book..

You need to find something that is highly rewarding and it will work :)

Whenever you are out and about keep a Atkins bar or bag of nuts in your purse. So you don't fall to temptation!

Lastly, there have been many studies stating that sleep is a necessary element in weight loss. You NEED to sleep more!!

I often fall into the same trap.

I hope this helps. You can do anything you put your mind too!!

NewVision said...

Thanks Low Carber, you have given me a lot to think about. :)

Harry said...

LC's advice is excellent, I think.

I do think that for the time being, rewarding yourself with LC treats would be okay. It would be a step in the right direction. Maybe you could find some yummy options at Linda Sue's site:


I share this same problem. It's not an easy puzzle to solve. I think it's the reason why some people medicate themselves with alcohol or drugs after a long, hard day.

Food is one of my drugs. I don't do any real drugs so I guess my mind has latched on to other crutches.

Think about this question. You don't have to answer it here. Just answer it for yourself.

Is there anything besides food that gives you instantaneous pleasure? This differs from person to person of course. It could be taking an aromatherapy bath. Or getting a relaxing massage from your husband. It could be zoning out and just watching something silly on TV or playing games on the Internet. Or even getting a new pet to play with. It could even be more intimate activities like sex that produce feel good chemicals in the brain. I'm not trying to be inappropriate here ... but I think it's a viable option.

There are so many options. But it has to be tailor fit to your likes and dislikes.

For me, I sometimes like to go spend some time alone. I lie down in bed, with the lights off, the TV on and my laptop computer set to my favorite poker website. I just zone out and have some mindless fun. That helps me to "recharge my batteries".

A solution is out there. You can find it! It's something we all have to do!

NewVision said...

Thanks Harry

I will work on trying to figure it out. I've noticed I do this more than I thought I did. I use food as a motivator for everything.

I'm like you, I never got into the drug scene (I don't even like to take the ones I HAVE to for my health conditions). So I use food. :(

I'm (He's) still working on me to make me what I ought to be. something something .....Don't judge her yet, there's an unfinished part.
- that lil song keeps going thru my head. LOL