05-30-09 Saturday

B- 2 coffee AS HC CO
4" polish sausage
3 scrambled eggs w/HC cooked in the Sausage grease
3 Healthy Life toast w/butter SF jelly

L- 2 Healthy Life bread
2 hot dogs
10 strawberries
1 cup milk

SN-1 healthy life bread
peanut butter & SF jelly
2 diet cokes

D-Hamburger meat w/lettuce, tomatoes, onion, sour cream, salsa, cheese
(only 1/2 a bowl of this)
2 diet cokes

This weekend I decided would be a little more relaxed than last weekend. Last weekend I cleaned my kitchen. I took all the pictures off the walls, everything from on top my Fridge, freezer and cabinets. I washed down all the walls, cabinets and the ceiling(yes, the ceiling). We bought a new rug and laid it down, then put eveything back together again. We mowed not only our property but my in-laws as well. We also decorated the graves for Memorial Day. We also celebrated my Mom-in-laws birthday on Saturday. :-)

Today I did general house cleaning. My son and I went through some of the boxes he had in his room from when he moved. Took a nap, planted some flowers and did a little yard work. It's 10:30pm and we just had dinner. So it was a little more relaxed but still busy.

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