05-18-09 Monday

B-1 coffee HC CO AS
1 scoop protein powder, one 6oz tub LC yogurt, water, 4 strawberries

L-2 hotdogs w/catchup
2 baby carrots, 2 mini stalks of celery w/ranch

D-3 egg yolks
2 1/2 slices Healthy life toast w/butter
3 slices bacon
2 hotdogs

SN- none


About 3 hours of yard work today.
Trying very hard to stay on track.

We've been dog sitting. We have had the dog for about 3 months now. When Neeko came to our house he was very sick and very underweight. He had kennel cough, hook worms, severe diarrhea, hair loss and was about 30 pounds underweight. We have taken him to the vet many times. He is really starting to get better. He had even gained about 8 pounds in just the last 2 weeks.
Tonight the owner (who is a friend of my sisters and who we haven't seen in over a month) just came and took the dog. When I tried to object because Neeko is still on meds for a hurt leg. It didn't seem to matter to him, he loaded the dog up and took him. I told him if he takes the dog now, don't ever bring him back. I know that sounds cruel but, I don't want to love the dog and have him jerked away from me. Then I'm up half the night worrying about a dog that isn't even mine. :(


Harry said...

Sorry to hear about the dog situation, Jo. That must be really hard. :-(

You did what you could, which was a lot. I'm sorry that it turned out this way.

NewVision said...

Thanks Harry.
I'm still worrying over the dog today, but I'm better.