05-17-09 Sunday

B-1 coffee HC CO -1 AS
2 slices Healthy Life LC toast w/cream cheese, SF jam

L-2 slices Healthy Life LC toast w/cream cheese, SF jam

D-2 cheese burgers on 2 Healthy Life LC Hamburger buns , w/catchup, mustard, pickles, onions
slice cheesecake (it's gone now, no more junk in the house)



Ok, I know that was too much Healthy Life even if it was low carb bread. I hate the feeling when you go off of not knowing what to eat. Nothing sounds good cause all you want is junk. Your starving, cause all you've ate is junk. I need to eat some veggies, but none of them sound good either.

I was busy busy today. I got all of the Memorial Day decorations done. I made a saddle for Mom and Dad's grave, a saddle for my nieces graves, a basket for my Grandmas grave, and many more lil decorations for other relatives, both on my side and hubbys. It's something I started doing with my Mom after my Dad passed away (when I was 14 years old). We had done it every years since. Now that she has passed, I have continued on with it.

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