05-15-09 Friday

Happy Birthday to my Sis!!!

4 am 1/2 of a protein shake
(2 scoops Whey protein powder, 4 oz milk, 2 strawberries, ice, 1 equal, split this with hubby)

-1 coffee HC CO AS

-3 slices summer sausage, 2 mini sticks string cheese

12 pm-2 slices Healthy Life LC toast w/cream cheese, SF jam
1/4 small cantaloupe, diet coke

-2 slices Healthy Life LC toast w/cream cheese, SF jam

8:30pm-1/2 of a philly sandwich
1/4 of the fries
1 slice cheese cake


Well I failed again. I was STAVING today. You'll notice I just took away the B- for breakfast L- for lunch etc because I've just been eating all day and I want MORE!!! LOL
I have a cold. I'm stuffy and I have a sore throat. I have to work tomorrow. Gee-whiz why did I agree to that. What was I thinking. I hate to work on Saturdays.
Dumb, dumb, dumb

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