04-23-09 Thursday -off plan

B-2 coffee HC CO

L-@local restaurant
salad lettuce, tomato, cheese, cukes, egg, bacon, ranch
mashed potato w/gravy
chicken fried steak
2 slices corn bread

D-@ local restaurant
potato soup
spaghetti w/ meatballs

SN- strawberry milk shake

Well, I'm still off plan. I know most people usually stop blogging when their diet plan all goes to hell. Not me, I torture myself right through it. Remember its the good, bad and ugly here. You see it ALL.
Another thing your gonna notice is that when I'm off plan I eat out a LOT. Why, because I don't have the junk food in my house. It's my little way of making myself get back on track. I REFUSE to buy junk for the house.
I had every intention of getting back on the wagon today. It just didn't pan out that way.


Low Carber said...

Okay your off plan.. get back on :)

You can do it.. Hang in there :)

NewVision said...

Thanks Low carber.
Thats what I keep telling myself.
I can do this, I can......

Thanks again.