04-16-09 Thursday

B-2 coffee HC CO
1 string cheese

L-1 salad plate
Lettuce, spinach, cheese, cukes, bacon, eggs, ranch
2 crackers

D-2 Healthy Life LC Toast w/ butter
2 hotdogs cooked in butter w/ 1 t. 1 carb catchup
1 cuke w/vinegar

SN-1 cup buttermilk

WT= ? running late forgot to weigh -ugh

I'm still not very hungry today.
Which is such a good feeling. I don't care what I eat or even if I eat. This must be what it feels like to be normal. To not have food rule your every thought and all your actions.
I'm suppose to go out to lunch with friends tomorrow and normally I would be worried. I'm not at all. I have the feeling that no matter where they go, I can handle it. I will stay on plan and it won't bother me.
Can we bottle this feeling and keep it for tough times?
Or even to sell it? I could be rich!


Harry said...

I'm not rich but I want some! How about giving a pal a discount? :-)

Seriously though, it's a good feeling. I sometimes stumble upon it myself. I wish I knew how.

Erika said...

Hehehehe yeah, Harry asked very nicely, go on ;)

Enjoy the meal with your friends! It's absolutely what it's like to feel normal :)