04-15-09 Wednesday

B-2 coffee HC CO
1 string cheese

L-2 Healthy Life LC bread
2 slices of turkey ham
1 slice provolone cheese

D-2 Healthy Life LC toast w/butter
2 hot dogs cooked in butter w/ 1 t. 1 carb catchup
1 cuke w/vinegar

SN-1 cup buttermilk


I'm not hungry at all today. I could of even skipped dinner. But I'm always leery of the old 'starvation mode'. So I always feel like I need to track calories to make sure I'm not. But you know what always happens, I'm no where close to starvation mode. So I'm not going to worry about it. I'm going to eat my 3 meals and a snack (even if I'm not hungry). Go from there. I'm sure it takes more than a few days to go into starvation mode. It's just those old fears popping up.

Thought I would share this poem I found. It hits home here.


If you've started out in pursuit of your goal
And you've really tried with your heart and your soul,but somehow things got out of control

When you've tried your best to do what you should
And you thought this time that you surely would,But once again, you didn't do good

When you've worked so hard to follow a dieters way
And you fought to win a victory each day.But one more time you went astray

When you've tried so hard to yourself to be true
And do the things that you know you should do,But once again you failed to come through

When the road to success seemed much too long And each temptation was oh so strong
And once again you gave in to wrong

When you've told your friends what you planned to do
And trusted them to help you through But soon discovered it's up to you

When you know you must be physically fit,But your hope seems gone and you're stuck in a pit That's not the time for you to quit

When the week seems long and successes few
And at weigh-in time you're feeling blue,Remember tomorrow is just for you

To start again means a victory's been won
And starting over again means a race well run
And starting over again proves it can be done. So don't just sit there

Author Unknown ~~


Erika said...


Do you know why you're not hungry at the moment?

As for starvation mode, I think only some people get it and some people don't. Why do you think you're one that does? I'm just curious. I think I am too :(

NewVision said...

I really don't know why I'm not hungry, but I sure hope the feeling stays around awhile.

I hope its due to some new tweaks I'm making. I will share them after I see how it goes. :)

As for the starvation mode, I'm just always scared I will mess up my metabolism more than it already is.

It's nice to see you around. Hang in there and thanks for responding. :)

Erika said...

Oooooo very mysterious! I'm looking forward to hearing about it when you're ready :)

Do you actually think you're metabolism is messed up? Why do you think it is?