04-17-09 Friday

B-2 coffee HC CO
1 string cheese

L-@ local restaurant
patty melt w/ grilled onions on rye toast w/ 1 T 1000 island

D-2 cheese polish sausage
3 LC Healthy life bread
1 slice turkey ham
1/2 slice provolone

SN-1 c buttermilk
1 cuke w/vinegar


At lunch I chose to have that patty melt. I had looked at the carb counts of rye bread and decided to go ahead and have it. I don't know if it was the bread or the dressing (maybe both) but that sandwich woke up my taste buds and put them on over drive. The sandwich was REALLY good and I salivated all afternoon after eating it. It's like my taste buds went WAY out of control. I realized that I hadn't done that all week. I haven't craved at all and my taste buds have been in check. Since I had that sandwich I can feel the cravings and my mouth is still watering. I'm holding them at bay, but it makes me think. Is that the reason I crave? Because I'm over stimulating my taste buds? I've always joked that if I could numb my taste buds I would be skinny. Maybe it wasn't such a joke after all.


Erika said...

Hi :)

It is a popular theory that we crave because we stimulate our taste buds and if we eat bland food, then we wont crave. But I've met thin people that eat bland food, and fat people that eat bland food. I've met thin people that eat exciting food, and fat people that eat exciting food.

I think the theory is logical and makes sense... right up until you compare it to reality - it has no bearing in reality.

So I'd say the cravings are for another reason(s). Maybe there was something in the bread your body really wanted, maybe the bread brought back memories.

You keeping up with your supps?

I'm glad you enjoyed your rye bread though, I love it myself. I'm hoping in the long term to tweak my diet somehow to allow me to have it :)

What was the carb count on what you ate?

Harry said...

Hmmm. I'm not sure it's the taste buds but I do know that particular foods appear to stimulate appetite or more specifically, cravings. I don't think that's far fetched. But I just don't know what it was that had that effect on you. It could have been psychological (a sensory memory or something like that). But it could have been physiological as well.

Do you eat rye regularly? Could it have been that particular grain? Maybe there was some type of added sugar in the spread?

PS - The picture you posted rings frighteningly true in my life. :-)

NewVision said...

I'm not sure what the reason, but I won't be having that again anytime soon. I've had that sandwich at other locations but did not have that happen. Hmmmmm, IDK.

I take a muti vitamin everyday and my CO. That's all I'm taking right now.

Not sure now of the carb counts just now. I have them listed at home, I'm not there now. Sorry

Thanks for posting.

I have had Rye in the past. Far and few between, but I don't remember it affection me that way. I'm thinking it was the dressing. Even tho I didn't notice it being sweet. I wrote that I had a Tablespoon but it probably wasn't that much. So mixed in with everything else (onions, cheese, good friends, good conversations) maybe I just didn't notice the sweet taste.

Thanks for trying to help me figure this out guys and thanks for posting. :)