04-1-09 Wednesday

B-2 coffee HC CO AS (only 1 w/CO)

L-5 oz Walmart chicken
2 ritz
1 slice summer sausage
1 slice cheese

D-1 & 3/4 cheese burgers
2 LC Healthy Life buns
w/ 1 carb catchup, mustard, pickles, onion
1/2 of a cuke w/ vinegar

SN-2 LC Brownie


None, had to go buy me some work pants all my old ones are too big. I only found 1 pair and even those don't fit right. But at least they don't look like clown pants. Think I'll get my sewing machine out this weekend and see what I can do with all my pants that are too big.

Okay so I had to make another batch of the LC Brownies tonight. YES, ALL 12 of them are gone. I really like that they are so easy. One bowl, few measuring cups & spoons, waa laa. The first day I made them everyone had to try one. MIL, FIL, Son, Son's BF, Hubby and me of course. Then Hubby keeps taking them to work for other people to try. I think he's proud. LOL There is this guy at work who wants to do Low Carb. He has noticed Hubbies weight loss (about 40 pounds) and has tried a lot of what Hubby takes to work for his lunches. I'm kind of anxious to see what he thinks of the brownies.


Harry said...

Are you sure you're not putting anything "funny" in those brownies, Jo? :-) Kidding of course!

The ultimate compliment is when I can get non-LCers to really dig an LC dish/meal. That's a good feeling.

Oct said...

I am putting those brownies on my list of things to try, I love that healthy indulgences website.

I like when people enjoy what I make but I hate sharing LC foods. My precious! :)

NewVision said...

Nothing funny Harry- honest LOL!!

EVERYONE that has tried them has really liked them and most are not LCing. The guy from Hubby's work last night really enjoyed them. He's also a diabetic (which I didn't know) So now I feel doubly (is that a word, hmmm it is now)GREAT for letting him try them. :) He ask Hubby to get him the recipe. :)

Yeah Oct, I felt the same way Sunday when I made them and they were half gone with everyone trying them. But its all good when I know I'm helping someone out.

Have a great Thursday everyone!