04-02-09 Thursday

B-2 coffee HC CO AS(only 1 w/CO

L-5 sausage links
2 slices LC toast w/butter

4 pm SN-1 LC English muffin
w/cream cheese & SF jelly

D - 4 hot dogs w/1 carb catchup
few bites mac n cheese
4 sm sq chocolate

SN-LC brownie




Vadim said...

happy to see you are doing so well!

Harry said...

That little walking man is moving but you're not! Hop to it, girl! :-)

Seriously though, is there an alternate form of exercise you can do when it rains or when your schedule doesn't permit you to take a walk at lunch?

NewVision said...

Thanks Vadim, Nice to see you around.

I know Harry, I know. :) I've been telling myself that very thing. I'm gonna have to run to catch up with my lil walking man. :( Things should slow down soon I hope.
I did buy me a jump rope today. I haven't done that in years. I'm not sure I can still jump rope or not. If you don't see me posting you'll know what happened. LOL