03-31-09 Tuesday

B-2 coffee HC CO AS (only 1 w/CO)

L-local restaurant
chicken fajita w/onion peppers
1/4 c rice
salsa & sour cream
12 chips and salsa

D-Spaghetti squash w/meat sauce

SN- 2 ritz
1 slice summer sausage
1 slice cheddar cheese
LC Brownie


none, raining

Everyday I have questions about what to take for my lunch. I'm not hungry in the morning time when I usually pack my lunch up. Even when I get it ready the night before, it just doesn't sound good when I'm packing it. I haven't found anything that I'm satisfied with. Truth is I'm not really that hungry at lunch time either, but I know I should eat something. I've tried the Atkins shakes, but they don't seem to stick with me. Of course they are only 160 calories, so maybe they aren't made to have as a meal replacement.


Harry said...

How about having 2 Atkins shakes or maybe make a homemade (more substantial) shake of your own - like the ones that Sadekat makes?

Just a thought!

NewVision said...

I'm gonna have to get me some protein powder or at least look into what everyone is making them with. hmmmm don't know how that would work at work. That's why I bought the Atkins shakes already made. I got some of the EAS ones too, but haven't tried them yet.
Thanks Harry.