04-06-09 Monday

B-1 1/2 c coffee HC CO AS

L-EAS chocolate shake
2 ritz
1 slice summer sausage
1 slice cheddar cheese

D-4 hot dogs
4 slices LC Healthy life toast w/butter
1 carb catchup

SN-6 ritz w/ butter



Harry said...

How'd you sleep last night, Jo?

I'm just catching up with your blog and I noticed that you slept A LOT the other night. That's a good thing!

My sleep still isn't great but it's not too bad either. I just wish I'd stay asleep, once I fall asleep.

sybil said...

Did you decide to start a new thread for the Dr. K Optimal Diet information? I went to his site, and it looks like you can get a free 30 day membership that gives you the calculator.

I'm so surprised at the relative ease that I've had switching to a higher fat/lower protein plan. I still miss the protein, but only from habit - not from hunger.


NewVision said...

I slept really well Saturday night. Then not much since then. :( Wish I could figure it out. Thanks for asking. I wish I had some insight to help you as well.

I haven't had much time to look at the diet's web site. Hopefully I will get some time this weekend to check it out.

I didn't want to start a new thread and not be able to follow it just now. I really think it makes a lot of sense. I'm more interested in it to help control my diabetes. I've given it a lot of thought. Thank you so much for the info you gave me. :)