04-05-09 Sunday

B-2 1/2 c coffee HC CO AS (2 w/CO)

3 scrambled eggs cooked in sausage grease
1 T heavy cream
3 sausage links
1 oz walnuts

D-80z Hamburger
1 slice Rye bread
grilled onions, slice of cheese
1 T 1000 island dressing
1/2 c beer cheese soup

SN-sm bag of potato chips...(sent the rest of them home with my son and his best friend, I had them for the non LCers at the wiener roast last night)
1 oz walnuts



I feel like a big fat groggy whale today. I'm swelled, I feel groggy and I'm stiff from staying in bed so long. Went to bed at midnight last night and didn't climb out of be til 12 pm today. Yes, ME, I did that. Other than getting up to use the bathroom I pretty much slept that whole time. I had several strange dreams. It was raining when I got up and still is. I could go back to bed now and sleep more, I love when it rains on a Sunday. I guess all the days of little or no sleep has FINALLY caught up with me. I feel like I took benadryl or some other sleeping aide. Nope, nothing other than the melatonin, which I've been taking for about a month now. So I don't think that is causing this feeling. Probably just the lack of sleep as of late.

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Erika said...


Well you obviously needed all that sleep so good on you for giving your body what it needed and looking after yourself. I hope you get better soon - from one sickie to another hehe