04-07-09 Tuesday

B-1 coffee HC CO AS

L-@ local restaurant
chicken fajita w/onion peppers (no wraps)
1/2 c rice
salsa & sour cream
some chips and salsa

D-@ Steak n Shake
1 patty melt

SN- 6 ritz w/butter


Sorry all, I will have to play catch up later on in the week or this weekend. Busy, Busy right now. Working over etc.


Harry said...

I hope work eases up on you soon, Jo.

Take good care of yourself ... even as you're bouncing around like a pinball! It's important!

Erika said...

I think it's that time of year of busy-ness at work. Do you think so? It seems to be going around. Maybe it takes us this long to get over New Years hahaha

Anyway, hope you don't have to do too much working over and keep eating well :)


NewVision said...

Me too Harry. Me too.

I'm trying to not give in to the urge to treat myself with junk food because I was a good girl and got all my work done, or put up with this or that.

Nice to see you around again. I haven't had much time to make my rounds. I will try to make it over to your blog soon.

For my job, I work for a state agency that helps out the needy. When the economy is down, we have more clients. Unfortunately the state does not hire more people to cover the growing client load. We are even scared they may be cutting jobs soon as the state is cutting jobs in other agencies right here in our home town. :( We are at the highest case load ever seen in our agency right now with no end is sight.

Catch ya both when I can. :)