04-03-09 Friday

B-2 coffee HC CO AS (only one w/CO)
Everything Bagel w/cream cheese

L-local restaurant
chicken fajita w/onion peppers (no wraps)
1/2 c rice
salsa & sour cream
some chips and salsa

D-8 oz burger
1 sliceRye bread
Beer cheese soup,1 roll

SN-LC Brownie
2 ritz
1 slice summer sausage
1 slice cheese



I'm gonna have to do better with my walking next week. I WILL do better.
Eating could have been a lot better too. I don't know whats gotten into me. I've gotten an I don't care attitude as of late. I have to snap out of this.
Visiting the Easter Bunny tomorrow for an Easter egg hunt with my 2 year old niece. Maybe I can ask him for some help. Easter Bunny, Santa, tooth fairy they ALL have special powers, right?


Harry said...

The Easter Bunny definitely has special powers. :-)

Any idea why you're struggling at the moment?

Tomorrow's a new day. Be good to yourself! You must care about you because you deserve that!

Don't make me put on my bunny rabbit suit! ;-)

NewVision said...

I didn't get to talk to the Easter Bunny alone :( I had to share him with about 400 children, who needed to see him. So I couldn't talk to him about my Easter wishes. LOL

I think I'm like a roller coaster. Up then down. I just always have to remember that I WILL come back up again. Having trouble sleeping soundly again, so I'm sure that has a LOT to do with it.

Yep, your right. Tomorrow is a new day and Sunday starts a new week. I'm not giving up or giving in. So as long as I'm still trying then I have not lost the war.

I want pictures if you decide to put on that suit. LOL. Thanks Harry!