03-30-09 Monday

B-1 coffee HC CO AS

L-2 oz summer sausage
2 oz cheese
4 ritz
1 tomato juice
8 peanut mm's

D-2 chicken breast
1 cuke w/vinegar
1 LC Brownie

SN-6 big strawberries
few bites of spaghetti sauce (guess what's for dinner tomorrow)
Handful of walnuts


33 minutes at lunch.

Not much to say tonight, sorry.
Those LC Brownies that I made yesterday are 'the bomb'. I can't believe how 'real' they taste. No after taste at all.


Harry said...

I'm tempted to try those brownies. They look (and read) great! :-)

If Low Carber finds success with them too ... I'll give 'em a shot!

Good job on the walking, Jo! :-)

NewVision said...

They are great. If you decide to try them, I'll be interested in what you think.