03-23-09 Monday

B-1coffee HC CO AS (only 1 )[2.6](126)

L-2 LC Healthy Life bread [12](70)
2 slices ham [2](180)
1 slice provolone[0](90)
4 ritz{8]( )

SN-1 handful trail mixy stuff (gave the rest of the bag away so I wouldn't eat any more.)

D-1 lg cuke w/ vinegar
5 oz pork steak
1 carb catchup

SN-2 handful walnuts
2 c tomato juice
1 LC Healthy life english muffin w/cream cheese diet jelly
8 lil 2" pieces string cheese
1 small choc bunny :(


Walked for 45 minutes. I even jogged for 350 steps (yes, I counted). Partly because I want to get my metabolism revved, partly because I chose a route that took me longer than I thought it would and I was worried I would be late for work. LOL Now, with my knees and the weight I'm still at, I'm not sure if its such a good idea to start jogging... ???? We will see if I can still walk tomorrow..LOL

How many of you tell people you are a blogger?
Nobody around me knows except my Hubby, Son and his best friend. I'm not ashamed of my blog, just not sure I want to share my weight issues with others that I'm close to. When you think about it that way, it really doesn't make sense. Everyone knows I'm fat and that I'm trying to deal with it. But I have noticed that I've been having visitors from towns that I recognize.
Ok, who's spying on me....LOL

Updated on 3-24-09: I got into the snacking mood last night. Had I of been smarter I would have realized that it was because I was tired. I got up at 4:30 am. So of course had I of just went on to bed. I could have avoided those last snacks.

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Harry said...

Good job on the walk-jog, Jo! Your description made me laugh. :-)

My wife's mentioned my blog to some of our friends but I don't think they know the URL :-). thewoweezoweemenublog.blogspot.com doesn't exactly roll off the tongue!

I hope your knees are kind to you tomorrow!

Keep up the good work!