03-24-09 Tuesday

B-1 coffee HC CO AS (only 1)[2.6](126)

L-1 cucumber w/vinegar [2.3](19)
10 grape tomatoes [2.2] (14)
2 Ritz [4] (52)
1 slice summer sausage [.5](47.5)
1/4 oz cheese [0](27.5)
Total lunch totals = [9](160)

SN- 4pm-(low blood sugar)
2 Ritz [4] (52)
1/4 oz cheese [0](27.5)
Total snack totals=[4](79.5)

D-4.6 oz chicken skinless breast [0](211)
2 cups shedded cabbage (4)(34)
1/2 T teriyaki sauce [1](8)
1 tub SF jello [0](5)
4 T heavy cream[0] (30)
1 c tomato juice[8](45)
Total dinner totals=[13](333)

SN-1 oz walnuts [2](185)
1 c tomato juice [8](45)
12 ritz [24](260)
2 t butter[0](100)
1 candy bracelet [12](50)
Total snack totals=[46](640)

Total net carbs=[74.6]
Total calories=(1338.5)


35 minutes at lunch. Jogged 450 steps. I started my walk a lil later than usual. So the jogging was partly due to my stubbornness, not willing to take a smaller route and my fear of being tarty. So, do you think the cosmic pull of the universe is pulling for me to start jogging? LOL The good news is I can still walk this morning after my wee lil jogging yesterday.

I have added those calories up 3 times. I can't believe they are so low. I should be starving right? I'm not.

Ok, my lil planning idea has went out the window this week. I have been so busy I'm lucky to plan the meal I'm getting ready to eat let alone tomorrows too. I NEED to get back to that. I will try harder today. :) no promises.

update on 03-25-09 More late night eating. raised calories and carbs way above where I wanted them. Geez.

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Harry said...

I'm happy to see you exercised again and you didn't have any knee troubles! Good news indeed. :-)