03-22-09 Sunday


L-1 cucumber w/vinegar [2.3](19)
2 c tomato juice[16](90)

SN-{4pm}-1 LC English muffin [15](90)
2 T cream cheese [1](100)
1 T jelly[13](50)

3 hotdogs [6](330)
1 carb catchup [1](10)
1 cucumber w/vinegar [2.3](19)

SN-1 c tomato juice[8](45)

Total calories=753
Total net carbs=64.6


Not hungry today at all. Cramping and hurting all day. So not much of an appetite.

My son's old car died yesterday. We called her Ol' Blue. She was a beloved family friend. She has been in our family for 10 + years. We were hoping she would make it through to the end of November when he will be out of school. A pot hole took her out. She had almost 350,000 miles on her. Yes, that's right she has turned her odometer over 3 times and then some. Now I know many of you are out there thinking 'Good Lord, why would you let your son drive a car with so many miles?' Well I'll tell ya. This car belonged to me for many years. I ALWAYS kept up the maintenance. EVERY TIME something went out/wrong with her, we replaced it with life time warranty parts. We have always took her in for yearly inspections. Since my Hubby is a good mechanic we trusted her. This last winter took its toll on her. Driving on the highways back and forth to Indianapolis with all the salt on the roads did her in. We noticed she was REALLY getting rusty. My son was really hoping to turn her over to 400,00 miles. (He wanted bragging rights - it's a guy thing:) But her body gave away.
This is the car my son learned to drive in. It's the car he told me his deepest secrets in. Many bonding conversations happened in this car. You know it's always easier to tell Mamma stuff when she is not looking at you and has her eyes focused on the road. Many memories she gave us. We went and got her yesterday. We brought her home to rest. She will be put down sometime this week or next when my son gets around to taking out his new radio and taking off the new tires and battery we just bought etc. She was a good Ol car. She will be missed.


Harry said...

233! Wowza! You go, girl!

I'm sorry to hear about the car, Jo. By the time you finished describing it ... I actually felt kind of sad about "it's passing".

twinkelydots said...

Our beloved 310,000 mile van died this past fall. Made me very very sad when it was towed off to the wrecking yard.

I kept saying to it "Just one more summer. Just one more summer."

Buh bye big red. Buh bye.

NewVision said...

Thanks Harry!
Yea, it was sad time in our household..LOL
We actually found him another car yesterday. So he will be back on the road soon. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog.
We kept willing Ol' Blue to last just a lil longer, but she just couldn't hold on. She gave it her all. LOL :)

ms. v said...

awww! RIP, old car!