03-20-09 Friday

B-1coffee HC CO AS (only 1 )[2.6](126)

L-1 Atkins shake [2](160)

SN-3pm -2 ritz [4](52)
1 slice summer sausage[0](48)
1 slice cheese[0](55)

SN-5 pm-1 small cuke w/vinegar [2.3](19)

D-Local Restaurant
10 oz steak w/catchup, teriyaki chicken w/cabbage,
sm salad w/egg, cheese, cukes, bacon, ranch,
1 crab Rangoon, 1 fresh crab leg, pepper steak

SN-1/2 c walnuts


40 mins around the pond and back,

Thought of you tonight Jean, fresh crab legs....Yep, you should have seen me trying to figure out how to get the meat out of there. LOL Some guy setting at the next table was trying to tutor me. LOL Its a lot work for such little results. If I had to eat those very often I would surely lose weight.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the crab legs, I guess I just don't like crab enough to go through all that work for a half a forkful of meat. LOL My husband says the hard work makes it taste better, but I think it just makes it cold :D

Harry said...

I with the both of you. I just can't be bothered to work that hard for a little bit of admittedly delicious meat. Just give me a crab cake and get it over with! :-)