03-16-09 Monday

B-1 coffee HC CO AS (only 1) [2.6] (126)

1 sausage patty
1 slice cheese
1 folded egg [4] (300)

D-1 small cuke w/vinegar [2.3](19)
6 oz round steak w/ 1 carb catchup [2](330)

SN-1 hot dog[2](110)
4 pork rinds w/ tiny bit sour cream [0](50)

Total calorie= 935
Total Net Carbs=12.9


Walked 40 mins at work

**For lunch today I didn't pack anything. So I swung by McD's and got a Sausage, egg, cheese biscuit. While I was still strong (I'm NEVER hungry in the morning) I drove the car straight to the garbage bin and pitched the biscuit (broke my lil heart, it did). Put it in the fridge at work and nuked it at lunch. WaLa! oh' and by the way I looked those calories up online at McD's site where you can add and subtract ingredients. HERE

I didn't mean to have my calories so low. It felt like I ate more than 935 calories.
But, with all the high days I've had lately, I'm gonna roll with it.

1 comment:

Harry said...

Eggsellent job with the lunch planning and the walking, Jo! :-)

Saying goodbye to a biscuit isn't easy but it'll be worth it in the end!

As we speak,there's a bunch of leftover pizza that my wife brought home over the weekend. The slices o' pizza taunt me. They try to seduce me like a snake charmer entices a cobra! But I rebuke it! Off with thee pizza! Off with thee biscuits! :-)