03-15-09 Sunday


B-2 coffee HC CO AS (only 1 w/CO) [5.2] (252)

L-3 scrambled eggs [1.2] (214)
4 sausage links [2.6] (226.6)
2 LC Healthy Life Toast[12](70) w/butter [0] (50)

so far-without dinner
Total net carbs= [ 21 ]
calories = (812.6)

D-3 hotdogs
lil lettuce, lil onion, sour cream, salsa, cheese, tomato
1/2 bag chips, I don't know why.


Nope, none, nadda, zelch
Rest for me today. Besides it took me til noon to be able to walk upright. Really!

The last couple of Saturdays have been spent working at our other job (we have 2 rental properties). I'm sure the next few are gonna be spent the same way. O'well at least it's more exercise. The first rainy Saturday will be spent doing up wedding flowers for my nieces wedding in May. Sure hope we get a rainy Saturday before then, or she will be married without flowers..LOL At least that's what I keep kidding her about. I'm doing her flowers for her reception etc.


Harry said...

It's good to have you back, Jo.

Thanks for posting the pics from the Relay for Life. It seems like a really powerful event.

I hope your body is recovering well from having had such an active weekend! That's a lot of walking (and house work)!

I wish you a fantastic Sunday and start to your week. :-)

NewVision said...
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NewVision said...

Ahh Harry, was there ever any doubt I be back? I'm here for the long haul. I admit I have had my doubts about whether to keep posting (really about if I'm doing everyone else a Disservice because I can't seem to do the LC thing 100% by the book - so I'm not a very good example). But, I'm doing this for 'ME' and if it benefits others then so be it, if not so be it. (That sounded cold didn't it? That's not really how I mean it.) I really wish I had done this in 2001 and 2002 when I started LC.

I feel a lil better today. Stiff and sore. It took me a lil while to be able to walk upright this morning. I was walking like my Grandma used to..LOL

I hope you had a great weekend and hope you got caught up on your writing.

Catch ya later!

Oct said...

All of that work has got to be great for your bod. :) I have never done the LC WoE by the book ... but it seems to work for me and I adjust as needed. Do what works for you because no one is judging. The mean ol' scale can't even argue when you are doing what works!