03-17-09 Tuesday

B-1 coffee HC CO AS (only 1) [2.6] (126)

L-med zucchini [2.1] (17)
3 sausage Links [2] (170)
3 scrambled eggs[1.2](214)
1/4 c oz cheese [1] (110)
made into a bowl
Lunch totals = [6.3](511)
**Note: I did not eat all this, so I only counted 3/4 of the totals. [4.7](384)

6 oz round steak[0](320)
1/4 can cream of Mushroom soup (made for gravy) [5] (62.5)
1/3 recipe of Mashed Cauliflower [2.3](132)
Dinner totals= [7.3](514.5)

SN-6 ritz w/butter [10](130)

Total calories=1154.5
Total Net carbs=24.6


Walked 40 minutes at lunch, around the pond and back.

Tuesday nights are my roughest of all nights. I work late and Hubby has to go to work early. So as I'm coming in the door, he is going out of it. A kiss, a hug and a 'love ya honey' and there ya go. So, last night I got into a cooking mood. I cooked the other half of that round steak and totally made tonight's dinner and put it in the fridge. Then I decided to make today's lunch as well. So I had it all ready to go. So, not only did I figure out the total # of calories and carbs I would have for today, I also was very organized. I like that feeling. Maybe I'm on to something here. Hmmmm


Harry said...

High five on the walking and planning. I think you're on to something too! :-)

NewVision said...

Thanks Harry. I sure hope so. I'm just gonna fake it til I make it...LOL