03-08-09 Sunday

B-2 coffee HC CO AS
6 oz sirloin from last nights dinner w/1 carb catchup

L-1 LC Healthy life English muffin w/cream cheese & Jelly
2 oz peanuts. 1 hot dog. 2 saltines

D-1 bowl of hamburger meat, cheese, onion, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa

SN-1 LC Healthy life English muffin w/cream cheese & Jelly

WT=243 ewwwwww

No walk today.

My stomach woke me up this morning growling. I'm starving!!!. Hubby even commented on how loud it was. It really does feel like true hunger and not just wanting food. I'm going to try to up the fat today and see if that helps. ( Had CO in both cups of coffee. )


Harry said...

That's odd about your ravenous hunger. Any ideas about what might be provoking it?

Hang in there, I know this probably isn't easy to cope with.

I still have to deal with some degree of hunger pangs every day. After dinner is usually the toughest time for me.

NewVision said...

The only thing Hubby and I could come up with is....I ran out of CO on Wednesday, I had a small amount on Wednesday, none of Thursday or Friday. Hunger started on Friday. So maybe I didn't have enough fat in my diet?????
This is just a guess. Looking at my menu, you would have thought I got enough fat from what I ate...

I am feeling better tonight, so hopefully that phase has passed.

Vadim said...

It could be the carbs you ate earlier. Every time I put carbs in my mouth that throw me off the ketosis I deal with that bad hunger. I think its the shift in metabolism that signals some kind of disturbance for the body. Thats why Atkins framed it a kiss of deaht. he would rather have anyone eat 10 eggs with cheese and nuts and low carb candy and still remain in ketosisi that eat a half cup of popcorn! Because as soon as you start introducing more carbs your body percieves sugar hike and thw whole catch 22 begins! At least it happens to me all the time! Stay with the program, you have been so good, much better than me. It happens, hope coconut oil will resume the normalcy again!

NewVision said...

Thanks Vadim. You could be right. I haven't been having the cravings and hunger the way I did a few years ago when I was actively LCing to lose weight. Even though I have went off, the cravings and hunger didn't come. So this has thrown me for a loop. Back to reality I guess. :)