03-07-09 Saturday

B-1 coffee HC CO AS

L-1 LC Healthy Life English muffin
1 sausage patty
1 egg, 1 oz cheese

sn- 1 healthy life bread, 1 ham, mayo

D-6 oz steak w/catchup
sm salad w/ ranch
loaded baked potato
2 dinner roll w/ butter

SN-1 c popcorn
5 girl scout cookie
2 flax seed cookies
4 beef sticks , 4 string cheese


no walk, but 4 hours physical labor, digging, cutting, hammering, cleaning. Hubby and I were putting up skirting.

Still dealing with HUNGER today. Gee Wiz!!!

We went out with friends tonight and then went to their house afterward to play cards. We had a great time. I was very aware of my hunger all night, even after eating a big dinner. So when the snacks started coming out, I was there to partake.

I didn't even want to fill in my dinner and snack for tonight. I told myself that that is exactly the reason I don't have an accurate Food Diary now, because when I'm bad I don't write those bad days in. So when I started this blog and time capsule I said it would be the good, bad and ugly. So here it is.................all the good, bad and ugly.

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