03-06-09 Friday

B-1 coffee HC AS

L-2 LC Healthy Life bread
2 slices ham
1 slice provolone, mayo
1 beef n cheese stick

SN-2 LC Healthy Life bread
2 slices ham
1 slice provolone, mayo

D-Local Restaurant
10 oz steak w/catchup, teriyaki chicken w/cabbage,
sm salad w/egg, cheese, cukes, bacon, ranch,
3 crab Rangoon, sm banana



31 minutes at lunch, but not the vigorous walk like before. Trying to keep moving and babying the knees at the same time.

OMG!!!STARVING TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! I over ate today, but I was starving, belly growling hungry, all day.
My knees are killing me tonight. I'm not sure what is going on with them, but I hope they come out of it soon.
I feel really swelled tonight, so that 236 probably won't be there in the a.m.


Harry said...

Say what you will but I don't recall ever (in my short history visiting here) seeing a number as low as 236! I'm just saying! :-)

Good job walking smart (going easy on the knees but keeping moving).

NewVision said...

Yep, your right Harry, those numbers were a first for me. But, as I predicted I'm up this morning. But I know its water weight, I can feel it in my fingers and toes. So the plan for today is lots of water. If I saw them once I WILL see them again....235 hear I come!!!!!!!

Thanks for noticing.