02-20-2009 Friday

B-2 coffee HC CO AS (only 1 w/CO)

1/2 of a 3 egg, sausage,cheese omelet
(left over from Bob Evans Restaurant)

D-Local Restaurant
8 oz steak w/catchup, chicken w/cabage, 6 shrimp
sm salad w/egg,cheese,cukes,bacon, ranch, lil 1000 island
4 crab Rangoon, 1 meat roll

SN-1/2 c tomato juice/2 T flax seed


walked 40 mins (around pond and back, at lunch)

As you all know, I've been upset with my scales (naughty little things ! ). I saw someone tonight that I hadn't seen in a couple of months. She went on and on about how much weight I had lost. I've probably only lost 6 pounds or so (10 tops) since I saw her last. When I came home and told Hubby he was like, well yeah I told you your losing inches. I guess I'm kind of like the opposite of someone suffering from anorexia, I look in the mirror and still see the 300 + pound me.

Now, I know you are suppose to measure yourself. I never did. I now wish I had of. People who have been overweight most or all of their life usually suffer from a distorted self image. I KNOW I do. I will be measuring myself tomorrow. That's the plan.


Harry said...

And a good plan it is. :)

Good job with the walking too.

Nice to hear that your friend noticed your progress. :)

Oct said...

Congrats on the weight loss notice-moment. :) That definitely means you are having progress. I think you are right about measuring ... and I don't measure myself either. Maybe I should do that at least once a month.

4athomej said...

The measuring thing is huge in letting U see a difference. HUGE!!!! Congrats on everything...it always feels so good when someone else notices and says something...:)

bayoubabe said...

I never measured myself because I just had surgery, and the stomach STILL refuses to go down. I've excercised it half to death. Guess the swelly belly from the hysterectomy will take its course.

But I know I lost inches somewhere, now just where did they go ?