02-19-2009 Thursday

B-2 coffee HC CO AS(only 1 w/CO)

L-1/2 of a 3 egg, sausage, cheese omelet
1 biscuit

D-Local burger Restaurant
salad w/lettuce, cheese, onion, bacon, cukes, ranch, pickles
1 & 1/2 double cheese burger no buns
3 chicken nuggets
1 c tomato juice/2 T flax seed


WT=241 grrrrrrrrr

I'll catch up tomorrow or over the weekend. Hope everyone is doing great.


Harry said...

Hang in there, Jo.

I'm sure the scale will cooperate again very soon. :)

bayoubabe said...

Seems we can never get that scale to go the direction we want it too. I did not even bother weighing in today.. Take care.