02-18-2009 Wednesday

B-2 coffee HC CO AS(only 1 w/CO)

L-Turkey ham roll ups(2)
1 oz cheese

D-6 oz chuck steak w/ 1 carb catchup
salad w/lettuce, cheese, cukes, onion, bacon, ranch, lil 1000 island
1/2 c tomato juice/2 T flax seed

SN-12 ritz w/butter
1 oz peanuts


walked 45 minutes (around the pond at lunch)

I'm in the mood to see a real funny movie this weekend. Anyone have any suggestions for me? Friday 'Medea Goes To Jail' starts. I was thinking about going to see that. But I'm ok with renting one too. Actually, renting might be a better idea. Even though I don't crave popcorn, the smell always makes me cave in.
I can't wait for warmer weather, we have a drive-in movie theater about an hour away from us. It's always fun to do that. :)

Having trouble tonight with the munches. Grrrrrr, not hungry just want to eat....good thing there are not chips in the house or I would down the bag......I hate times like this...haven't had one in awhile. I know this sounds gross, but I could just go in the kitchen and eat butter by the spoons full. Craving fat and salt.


Harry said...

Sometimes I get cravings too. Most of the time, I'm perfectly fine with what I can eat. But, every once in awhile ... my thoughts stray down to Pizzaville! :-)

We've seen some good films lately but they haven't been comedies.

It's cool that you have a drive in nearby. They've closed almost all of them around here.

I hope you were able to battle the munchies successfully tonight. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully they won't be back!

Oct said...

One of the funniest movies of all time is Harlem Night's, so I recommend that one if you don't mind seeing an older film. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIn0Sf-j7CI