02-09-2009 Monday

B-2 coffee HC CO AS

SN- (11 a.m.)4 ritz, 1 oz cheese

L- 1 Healthy Life Hot dog bun
Italian beef
few carrots, few celery, few cukes, ranch

D-SF Tang/2 T flax seed
4 hotdogs, 1/4 c. no bean chili, onion, mustard

SN-1 c milk
8 ritz w/butter


Sleep= 8(range 0-10)

Mood= 8(range 0-10)

Since the CO makes me feel full. I switched the flax seed to dinner time. It also makes me feel full.

Today I passed up buckeyes and Belgian truffles at work. From what I heard they were WONDERFUL! I think for each wonderful thing I pass by, I should see some kind of results on the scale. Is that too much to ask???? I don't think so. Geez! I wish it worked that way.


Harry said...

I think every time you pass on something "bad" ... you should allow yourself something else that is "good". Something you enjoy. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant either. Even just a pat on the back or allowing yourself to accept a compliment could do. To that end, I say:

You did good, Jo. I admire your strength and determination. :)

NewVision said...

Thanks Harry!
I'll work on that. I'm not good at treating myself to anything other than food. LOL I'll have to find something that makes up for it.

Shouldn't it just be enough that I'm doing it for my health? Somehow I'm lacking in that department.