02-08-2009 Sunday

B-2 coffee HC CO AS
SF Tang/2 T flax seed
1 slice healthy life toast w/butter

1 ladle chicken & dumpling
2 corn bread w/butter
1/3 slice apple pie

D-1 and 1/2 cheesebugers on healthy life bun
1 1/2 oz cheese, mustard, 1 carb catchup, pickles, onion

SN- SF Russell Stovers Toffee sq.


Sleep= 5(range 0-10)

Mood= 8(range 0-10)

We ended up at my in-laws house today for lunch. I didn't go over board and ate a little of what was offered. I know I have some work to do when it comes to feeling like I will offend someone. I feel like I did the best I could. I will just move on from here. I'm not going to let it get to me.


Harry said...

Good. Don't let little missteps get you down. Just move on. Onwards and upwards! :)

Erika said...

Hi NewVision,

I think the more you do something, the easier it gets.

You'll get to a point where you're not eating something, no matter what, and other people's opinions just aren't strong enough to beat your resolve.

It just takes time :)

Rent to Own said...

Good Job! If you ever need help with exercising you can reach me at gkp@charter.net.

George Pragovich
Cancer Recovery and Fitness Specialist
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Vadim said...

Hey, you are doing great. Look at my failures every time you feel like you are not perfect. And I will look at yours , this way we can put things in perspective.

NewVision said...

Thanks Harry.
I'm not really worried about it. That would have thrown me for a loop before. I didn't have that much. Life happens.
(Did that sound like a normal healthy person? LOL that's what I was going for... :) )

Hey nice to see you posting.
Thanks for stopping by.

Someday you will have things under control. You just have to keep telling yourself you do. Then one day it will be so. Hang in there!