02-04-2009 Wednesday

B-2 coffee HC CO AS
SF Tang/2 T flax seed
2 Healthy life low carb toast w/ butter
1 sausage patty, w/ 1 oz cheese

L- (3) ham roll ups
1 strawberry fluff

D-Spaghetti squash w/ meat sauce
2 healthy life toast w/butter & garlic

SN-2 strawberry fluff
6 baby dill pickles


Sleep= 3 (range 0-10)

Mood= 6 (range 0-10)

Feeling a little out of control tonight. I'm sure it is the lack of sleep from last night that is triggering that feeling. I was doing so well in the sleep department. I don't know what happened last night. I just couldn't quite my mind. I ate 2 servings of the strawberry fluff (SF Jello, Heavy cream, strawberries) tonight which isn't the worse thing, but I'm sure it was too many calories.

I'm calling it a day and going to bed....Night all


Harry said...

Howdy, Jo. I'm sure you'll be fast asleep when I type this. :) At least, I hope so!

I've been feeling a bit out of control myself. I think I know some of the reasons why. But that doesn't always help.

Anyhow, I wanted to commend you for not going off the deep-end while feeling this way. You indulged a little, but in a pretty reasonably LC way. That's got to count for something.

I hope you find this message after many hours of blissful sleep. And maybe a few pleasant dreams as well. :)

Tomorrow/today is a new day. Here's hoping it's a good one for us both.

Be well.

Vadim said...

Hey Jo! Next time you have problems falling asleep think of a little baby tickling you all over the body and think of that baby as looking like me! HAve you seen my photo, I am bold big and funny looking. Try it next time. Just close your eyes next time and imagine that a baby looking like me, bold, fat, big and funny looking is tickling you all over and lauphing. One thing though, you must imagaine that baby lauphing and you will smile too. It works, give it a try!

NewVision said...

I'm gonna try again tonight for a good nights sleep. I'm really baffled about these cycles I seem to be having. It really plays havic with my mood.
I hope your doing better tonight. I will go check out your blog after this.
Thanks for stopping by.

You always bring a smile. I'm VERY ticklish, so I'm not sure the thought of you as a baby tickling me will relax me enough to be able to go to sleep. LOL
Thanks for stopping by, you have been missed. Glad your still around.