01-29-2009 Thursday

***My brother is doing GREAT! Things turned out better than even the doctors thought they would! Thanks for your Prayers!!! ***

B- 2 coffee HC CO AS
2 healthy life Low carb bread w/butter
1 sausage, 1 oz cheese

SN= (low sugar)
4 bites COLD mashed potatoes/gravy
1 bite COLD corn dog

L- Hospital Cafeteria
Salad w/ tomatoes, cukes, cheese, bacon, onion, Ranch
4 pickle spears

D-4 hot dogs w/ 1 carb catchup

SN-1 SF jello w/heavy whipping cream

WT= 241

Sleep= 6 (range 0-10)
Slept about 6 hours, some tossing and turning during that, but better

Mood = 7 morning , 10 in the afternoon!!!!!! (range 0-10)

Very tired tonight. The stress got to me I think. My Dad died 26 years ago today. To have my brother go through the same kind of thing on THIS day was stressful. Everything is fine with him and we are so thankful. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.


Vadim said...

Very glad to hear your brother is doing good. Get some sleep!

Harry said...

Fantastic news about your brother, Jo. :)

I hope you'll sleep more peacefully now. :)

PS - Is it my imagination or is your weight dropping?

NewVision said...

Thanks, Vadim
I'm still trying to get that sleep.

No it's not your imagination. I have dropped. I'm hoping I can hand on to it. Thanks!